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CLICK HERE to learn more about SEXY* self love with a free pleasure guide.


Peace, Power & Pleasure, beautiful soul!

I'm Jaiye! (pronounced Jay or Jah-yé) and I'm all about unapologetic SEXY self-love.

Sacred soul werk, spirituality, art, the erotic, creative self-expression and personal self-development are all SEXY* AF to me!  Learn more about what it means to be SEXY* in my world and how to cultivate a sexier self-love story for yourself. 

Cum delve into the many succulent sundry ways you can werk (and also play) with me directly for more SEXY* support.

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I teach Black womxn* how to love themselves unapologetically, & to radically relish in their SEXY*!

Self-love, self-healing & soul-work doesn't have to be so heavy, intense AF
and lonely all or even most of the time. 
It CAN be fun, flirty, easeful and SEXY AF!  Let me show you how.

*SEXY = Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves


Simplify your SEXY!

Wanna start reconnecting to (and re-centering) your pleasure in ways that don't feel so pressuresome or tasking?

Well, I gotcha boo!

Here are 13 tips you can practice to begin (or restart) the process of being turned on by your SEXY self. These are the habits I've created and adopted over time to become my best unapologetic self. 

They're simple, fun and they really help.

May it be here where your SEXY self-love journey begins and/or continues! ;)

Fun and comfortable brave online spaces to explore the arts of self-expression and sacred sexuality.

I talk like sex.
Walk like sex.

I embody sex from head to toe
to soul.

I ain't fucking though.

-untitled excerpt from one of my erotic poems (...any horny abstinent folks outchea? where my holy heaux at? hehe)

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