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Peace, Power & Pleasure, beautiful soul!

I'm Jaiye! (pronounced Jay or Jah-yé) and I'm all about unapologetic SEXY* self-love.

I am a multi-passionate creative professional, sensual healing practitioner, space facilitator, life coach and community love doula (a womxn of many talents, amiright?!).


I use art, spirituality and erotic expression (a.s.é) to cultivate safe, intimate, consensual containers of kindred connection that teach, inspire and uplift holistic self-love, sensual self-expression and radical self-confidence.

Because sacred soul werk, spirituality, art, the erotic, creative self-expression and personal self-development are all SEXY* AF to me!!!


Learn more about what it means to be SEXY* in my world and how to cultivate a sexier self-love story for yourself. 

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I teach Black womxn* how to love themselves unapologetically, & to radically relish in their SEXY*!

Self-love, self-healing & soul-work doesn't have to be so heavy, intense AF
and lonely all or even most of the time. 
It CAN be fun, flirty, easeful and SEXY* AF!  Let me show you how.

SEXY* = Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

Because the essence of a womxn is both:

sacred yet sensual;

wild yet tame;

soft yet unyielding;

savory yet sweet...

- Wild Yoni Flower: A Self-Love Journey (my first book, go check that sh*t out!)

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