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Empressive Expressions™ is a premium art, beauty and edutainment brand that celebrates Black femininity and creative self-expression.

I use my poetry and artistic storytelling gifts to inspire and empower Black girls and womxn* to holistically love and heal themselves.

I envision safe, soulful spaces where Black girls and womxn* feel holistically healthy, whole and beautiful.

It means that the stories I share are y(OUR)s!

I use artistic storytelling (poetry, crafting, dance, etc.,) to entertain but also to share the truths about our (yours & mine) collective ancestry, our divinity, and our powerful her-stories!

Every product is a poem, every poem tells a story, and every story tells Black girls and womxn* that their stories matter!

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It means...

Create something meaningful and beautiful!

My Empressive Story...

Empressive Expressions™ began in 2017 as the rebel brain child of myself, Jaiye Empress, to greater amplify my poetic voice to the world.  Officially incorporated in 2018, Empressive Expressions™ has grown into a creative embassy that promotes, celebrates and embodies art in a variety of expressive forms.

This is not just a platform for creating beautiful and meaningful works of art, but also a holistic healing space to bolster Black feminine storytelling.

From intimate sister circle gatherings, to edutainment themed artistic events, to all natural, poetically inspired products, this company centers the dreams, desires and personal passions of Black womxn 

My aim is to connect YOU, Dear Black Girl, to the most beautiful parts within yourself so that you may begin to see your stories as not only valid but worthy of sharing with the world!

Our Empressive Story

I commit to creating artistic stories, spaces and products that intentionally center, honor and uplift Black femininity.

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