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Jaiye Empress photoshoot for Brickell Magazine feature titled “Inspired Impact (Photo credit: Josue Acosta)

"I use poetry to love, create, heal and teach."

Jaiye Empress - Kissing Self in Mirror (Photo captured by Ashleen Senexant of Scope Media)

I'm Jaiye Empress!*

I am a spiritual storyteller, creative visonary, master manifester, and prolific poetic prophetess!


I am also the uniquely self-proclaimed G.R.I.O.T-Soul Seer (G.S.S.), which stands for:


I envision, write and spit potent poetic sh*t!

*Jaiye is a Yoruba word that means to enjoy life.  

I pronounce my name like "jay,"


NOT the traditional way,  "ja/yey"

Jaiye Empress on her throne (Photo captured by Ashleen Senexant of Scope Media)

Poet, Coach, Authoress, G.S.S...

From public speaking performances, 1-to-1 and group coaching/mentorship, virtual and in person events and workshops,  I bring people together and I help connect individuals to their own personal power through the powers of art and creativity.

Put very simply:


I want to inspire you to inspire yourself!

To learn how to love and heal yourself unapologetically!

Jaiye Empress - Purple Poetess (Photo captured by Ashleen Senexant of Scope Media)

Check out my first book!

My very raw, candid self-love story told through a series of poems, quotes & journal entries.


This is the soul anchor you've been looking for! 

Your sacred self-guide for healing, accepting and embracing your sensual, sexual and spiritual selves!


May my story inspire you to delve deeper into your own. 

To own ALL parts of yourself unapologetically: 

your wildness as well as your softness...


More from Jaiye...

I am my favorite poem...

Empressively Fun Jaiye Facts:

  • I am an avid Soca lover and carnival enthusiast 

  • I have 19 tattoos...and counting!

  • I have visited 12 countries thus far

  • I LOVE being naked 

  • I have 81 locs in total (and this is my second set)

  • DMX is my spirit animal (where my dawgs at?!)

  • I love odd numbers, particularly 7, 9 and 5.


Wanna know more?

Link me and ask me yourself!

Jaiye Empress lying in sand in waist beads (Photo credit: Jose Lawrence)

Check out my Press!

Here are some really dope features highlighting my work!

Affirm Noire

April 2021


Brickell Magazine

April 2021

Jaiye Empress photoshoot for Brickell Magazine feature titled “Inspired Impact” (Photo credit: Josue Acosta)

Shoutout Miami

July 2020


Voyage Miami

July 2019

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