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Who tf is Jaiye?! - about me

My birth name is Jasmin Ariel and Jaiye (pronounced Jay or Jah-yé) is one of my many nicknames as well as my creative, artistic firey Leo (my moon sign) alter ego!

Ironically, when I first debuted as Jaiye, I didn’t know that that particular spelling I chose as my artist name is ACTUALLY a Yoruba word that means to enjoy life 🤯 (which is VERY fitting for how I am and how I live)  


Empress is the title that was given to me for the regality I exhibit (and cuz of my crown - my locs) so make sure you put some RESPEK on my name and my reign (bloop) 😏👑 

More about me… 

  • Born and bred from EAST Baltimore (yes I am crazy, so Bmore careful 😈)  

  • '88 baby  

  • Virgo Sun, Leo Moon, Cancer Rising/Ascendant  

  • (also Leo Venus, Aries Mars – I'm mostly fire, earth and water) 

  • INFJ (tho I just retested recently and got INFP!)

  • Avid Soca Lover & Carnival Junkie (I’ve played mas in Trinidad 🇹🇹, Miami, Orlando, and New Orleans thus far)  

  • I have 19 tattoos (and want hella more)  

  • My fav colors are Purple (duh), Black and Blue  

  • Queer AF 

  • Spiritual AF  

  • Feminist/Womxnst AF   

  • Sophistiratchet Scholarly AF 

  • Holistic Holy Heaux 😼 

  • Facebook
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  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

 I am (as affectionately termed by one of my dear friends),"The Jaiye of all Trades: " 


  • Your SEXY* Community Love Doula - I curate spacious spaces and containers for souls rooted in restorative, transformative and healing justice and radical love (both online and offline)    





I also dance, craft beaded body jewelry, provide virtual administrative assistance, teach, facilitate workshops, and so much more.  


Hit me up for: 



My Brag Bank - some of my proudest achievements and skills that help remind me how much of a bad ass human I am who has done some amazing shit so far on this earthly plane!

Professional Shit -    

  • Master of Arts (MA) in African & African Diaspora Studies 

  • Graduate Certificate in Afro-Latin Studies  

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sociology (graduated with a PERFECT 4.0 too okurrr)  

  • Undergraduate Certificate in Global Black Studies  

  • (I’m in serious devotion to MY PEOPLE)  

  • I’m also a Restorative Justice trained circle keeper & facilitator  

Personal Shit -    

  • Traveled to 13 countries thus far  

  • I speak Spanish (very proficiently), French (intermediate), & Swahili (advanced beginner) and I dabble in quite a few others (Arabic, Indonesian, Chinese, Kreyòl, etc)  *I’m what I like to call a philandering polyglot. I pick  up languages easily, get bored and then forget them again 🥴

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