Here at Empressive Expressions™, my mission is to inspire and empower Black girls and womxn to celebrate, love and heal themselves unapologetically!

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with my art & soul inspired services

Artistic Edutainment

I am a professional poet and gifted orator known for my public speaking skills.  I use my art to provide entertainment as well as inspire soul-stirring, thought-provoking conversations within the community.

I can be booked for a variety of speaking/performance gigs or to present on a specific subject for educational purposes.

Book/Contact me for:

  • Poetic performances

  • Event hosting

  • Speaking engagements (lectures, interviews, etc.)

Payment​ starts at $50

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, CashApp, Credit/Debit, Venmo

Jaiye Empress - Speak Fridays, Wynwood
Soulful Self Check In Journal Exercise - Empressive Expressions

Healing Arts Facilitation

As a Teaching Artist/Healing Arts Facilitator,

I organize arts based presentations that cover a variety of topics such as self-love/self-care, poetry/creative storytelling, feminism, Black history, etc.

I offer 60 & 90 workshop sessions​.

Book/Contact me for:

  • Setting/holding space for events - I will create & lead icebreaker/grounding activities​​

  • Soul Meditation Sessions - I curate group spaces to practice meditation & mindfulness 

  • Healing Arts Workshops - I lead creative writing & reflection sessions 


All workshop sessions can be tailored to accommodate an adult or youth centered audience.

Payment​ starts at $75 per 30 minute session

$100 per 60 minute session

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, CashApp, Credit/Debit, Venmo

3 Black women sitting outside on bench,
Group of Black women laughing on couch i

Circle Keeping

I am a trained Restorative Justice Circle Keeper, experienced at curating and holding authentic space for people to feel empowered through story sharing.

I have facilitated and co-kept circles centered on conflict resolution, youth development, family healing and communication.

Book/Contact me to facilitate or lead your next circle space.

Circle spaces can include:

  • Healing - circles centered on spiritual wellness, and cultivating healthy relationships (to self and others)​​

  • Conflict resolution - circles centered on repairing a specific disconnect or harm between parties (ex. family or friendship fallout) 

  • Celebration - circles centered on honoring a community member for a specific achievement (ex. a graduation circle, or a sacred circle for a parent to be)

  • Community - circles centered on creating fellowship, fostering solidarity and community dialogue among participants (ex. sisterhood circles)


Circle sessions can be facilitated virtually or in person.

Payment​ starts at $150 per 2 hour session

$300 per 3 hour session

Accepted Payment Methods: Cash, CashApp, Credit/Debit, Venmo


Other Services...

Book/Contact me for any of the following:

  • Custom/personalized poems - I will write a personalized piece to commemorate a special occasion (weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.)

  • G.S.S. Mentorship - I can help guide you through your life struggles with the power of affirmations, intention setting, meditation and mindfulness.



All of the healing services provided are based on my life experiences and wisdom.

None of the services offered are intended to be a substitute for therapy or therapeutic services.  I am not a licensed therapist or clinician.  

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