Supporting Me EMPOWERS YOU!

UJAMAA, the fifth Kwanzaa principle, means cooperative economics; to collectively build, support and maintain Black businesses.

At Empressive Expressions™, your dollars are sacred.

Therefore, I intentionally honor your pockets as well as your spirit.

When you invest in me, I manifest with you! 

And your blessings allow me to support and uplift other Black owned ventures.

(check out some of the businesses featured in the Empressive Spotlight, for example)

So, thank you for believing in my vision and joining me in this journey!

The packages below are designed to be practical and affordable. 

Choose what suits your spirit and let's build together. 


Additional Subscriber Benefits

Whenever you elect to join the Empressive community, whether paid or unpaid you are entitled to these great perks:

  • VIP member of the Empressive mailing list

  • Keepsake savings & discounts

  • Primary insider access to new content (unreleased poetry, books, Keepsake products, etc.)

  • Automatic entry into raffles and giveaways

  • Mutual manifestation in a movement filled with Majestic Melanin Magic! 

(peep that alliteration...oh so poetic!)