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Frecuently Asked Questions

You've got questions, and we've got answers!

Q: Where did the name Empressive come from?

Empressive combines part of our CEO's stage name (Jaiye Empress) with the word "impressive."

Q: How do you pronounce Jaiye?

Just simply as "jay." The Nigerian (Yoruba) pronunciation, "jah/yey" is also acceptable although Jaiye is not Nigerian.

Jaiye usually performs at different venues across South Florida. 

You can also view footage of her performances here.

Q: Where can I see Jaiye Empress perform?

Q: Do you make jewelry only for women?

No, of course not.

Empressive Keepsakes are mostly designed for and catered specifically to womxn of the African diaspora, but we are not exclusive to this group.  We welcome orders from womxn, men and non-binary individuals of all ethnicities and cultural backgrounds.

Q: What are waist beads worn for?

Womxn wear waist beads for a variety of reasons:

  • to keep with West African traditions

  • as body decoration

  • to adorn their wombs

  • to celebrate the rite of passage into womxnhood

  • as a waist trainer for weight loss

*NOTE: waist beads are symbolically linked with femininity, however any and ALL genders can decorate themselves with this style of jewelry

Q: Are waist beads permanent?

They can be but they don't have to.  The tie on sets are permanent.  They are not typically removed unless they are cut off or they break (*sad face*).

The waist bead sets offered by Empressive Keepsakes, however, are typically made on elastic thread to be removed when desired.

Q: What exactly is a body butter?

Body butters are skin supplements & moisturizing body creams, similar to lotion but are not made with water. 

They are also great for use as natural sunscreen.*

*These statements have not been approved by the FDA

Q: What are in the body butters?

Shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, cacao, mango butter, apricot oil and sage essential oil.

All ingredients are natural and organic.

Q: What are the Signature Scents?

The Signature Scents are essential oil body fragrances intended to be worn as cologne or perfume.

They are not recommended for aromatherapy use or in a diffuser.

Q: How long does a Signature Scent last?

It depends on the amount applied and your body chemistry.  However, scents last at minimum a few hours.  None of the Signature Scents are made with alcohol nor water which enhances the quality and duration of the scent.

NOTE:  The Signature Scents are currently out of commission.  Subscribe for product updates to learn of their re-release.

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