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Jaiye Empress - Purple Skirt (Photo captured by Ashleen Senexant of Scope Media)

I'm Jaiye Empress!

Welcome to my artistic domain,

Empressive Expressions!

Who am I...

  • S.E.X.Y Self-Love & Soul Support Coach

  • G.R.I.O.T-Soul Seer

  • Erotic Poet/Spoken Word Artist

  • Writer/Authoress

  • Teaching Artist/Healing Arts Facilitator

  • Restorative Justice Circle Keeper

I have many, many titles and talents but ultimately I use the power of my words and storytelling to craft products, curate safe spaces and provide healing services that intentionally center, honor and uplift my Black sistren.

I am very passionate about using creative self-expression as a tool to inspire unapologetic self-love and holistic healing for Black womxn.

So, I invite you to join me on my adventurous journey as you learn to reclaim your own wild, sacred, sexy self!

Jaiye Empress on throne (Photo captured by Ashleen Senexant of Scope Media)

F*%k who doesn't have the capability, the availability
or the willingness to see you for your greatness...


Check out my first book!

My very raw, candid self-love story told through a series of poems, quotes & journal entries.


This is the soul anchor you've been looking for! 

Your sacred self-guide for healing, accepting and embracing your sensual, sexual and spiritual selves!


May my story inspire you to delve deeper into your own. 

To own ALL parts of yourself unapologetically: 

your wildness as well as your softness...


My services...

I am a professional poet.

I use my art to edutain, empower and inspire.

I can be booked for a variety of speaking/performance gigs &/or to organize fun arts-based healing workshops.

Black shirt mock up (folded on table) -

My products...

I offer poetically inspired apparel, accessories, affirmations, all natural beauty products and more!


EVERYTHING I create is made with love, soul and an unapologetic BLACK AF rawness!

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