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Poems 8-11 (30/30 Challenge)


Peace is sitting poolside 

dressed in Rio de Janeiro sarongs

and sunshine;

sipping espresso 

and morning dew

and feeling beautiful!


"Team Grits: A Haiku"

I will eat them sweet.

I will eat them savory.

Both is fine by me.


"Gratitude Looks Like"

Gratitude looks like:

the sun gently kissing my cheek in morning greeting,

the rise and fall of my chest,

four walls of love

nobly decorating my creative sanctuary;

like Trifecta family smiles,

my bouquet of beautiful friends 

his brilliant grin;

like tear stained journals,

altar candles,

and sage cleansed crystals; 

like still waters, 

and sand caressing toes;

like bare feet

and full bellies; 

like God!   

Gratitude looks like the God in me, 

reflected in the world I see.


"My Waist Beads"

Sometimes they only whisper

And sometimes they scream:


Let the world marvel at me," 

they clamor.

“Let me be adored

while I adorn you.

Let me dress your temple,

decorate your curves

and compliment your jiggle.

Let me dance along your skin

while my beaded melodies

sing notice of your presence. 

Let me celebrate you.

Ornament your form

and caress your shapeliness. 

Let me glisten and glimmer in your limelight 

while we both beam

from the world’s admiration

Let me experience the simplicity of pleasure

through your movements, 

be your thematic jingle 

serenading your every motion

Let me accompany you as you move through life on your own epic self love journey,

Let me learn your soul’s style 

and the special ways you learn to step more fully inside yourself - 




They say with love,

“And let’s accentuate the you 

I so long to adorn.”  

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