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I'm a multipassionate creative professional...

blessed with a number of skills and talents to best support you.

Outside of personal development coaching, here are other ways we can collaborate, co-create and co-conspire together:

Facilitaton Services

Other Healing Arts Services

What I Do:

  • I facilitate creative sanctuary spaces that allow for radically empowered healing rooted in deep soulful expression, authenticity and vulnerability ​for marginalized beings

  • I use art and artistic expressions to center and radically improve the holistic well-being of queer BIPOC folks

  • I embody and employ a radical love ethic as well as use restorative healing practices to support individual wholeness, communal harmony and collective well-being

Price: $25 Consult Call for Circle Keeping Facilitation/Conflict Resolution Support.  *Rates for facilitation vary according to project needs.  



  • Spoken Word Performance

  • Author Interview

  • Speaking Engagement

  • Event Planning

What I Do:

  • I provide an array of artistic performance, hosting and event planning services to amuse, arouse, inspire and educate audiences

Freelance VA Support

Administrative Assistance/Freelance Support

  • Jaiye of All Trades - Organization and efficiencies are two of my many love languages.  I love to support kindred spirits and organizations with executing their visions.

What I Do:​​

  • I provide structural care and support.  I implement and manage processes that enable productivity and ease  

  • I provide virtual assistance to make work more fun, spacious and less cumbersome for small business owners 

Price: $25 Consult Call; Virtual Assistance rates vary according to project needs

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