Come connect with me virtually in real life!

Hang out with me and getcha soul fed.
Check out the below workshops to learn more about SEXY Self-Love.


S.E.X.Y R&R Event Flyer.png

Rest, Relaxation, Recreation are all hella SEXY. 
So is Rage, Release, Rebuilding, & Re-calibrating.
This space is for alladat and more.

S.E.X.Y Dancing!

WILD Yoni Wine Workshop Flyer.png

Dance is life.  Soca is life.  Wine is life. 
Come let loose, have fun
and heal through sensual movement.

Because the essence of a womxn is both:

sacred yet sensual;

wild yet tame;

soft yet unyielding;

savory yet sweet...

- Wild Yoni Flower: A Self-Love Journey (my first book, go check that sh*t out!)