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Join me LIVE!

The SEXY* Chat Discussion Series

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

Take It ALL AWF Shawty!:

How to Get Comfortable Unmasking Your Authentic Unapologetic Self

5 days of juicy, edutaining info to help you learn how to practice radical self-acceptance & unapologetic self-love

Check out the topics below:

Thur 2/23

Topic #1:

Take It ALL AWF Shawty: How to Love Yourself Naked



Topic #2:

Fight or Flight…or Friend?: How To Develop A Healthier Relationship to Your Fears 
(To Unapologetically Pursue Your Desires)

Sat 2/25

Topic #3:

How to Discover & Embody Your Own Sasha Fierce!

Mon 2/27

Topic #4

Are You Your Own Sneaky Link?: How to Stop Treating Yourself (and your desires) As a Dirty Lil Secret

Tue 2/28

Topic #5

How to FUCK IT UP for Greater Abundance!


Cum Join the SEXY!

You so SEXY! See you soon.

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