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CLICK HERE to learn more about SEXY* self love with a free pleasure guide.


Werk (work) & play with me

in deeper, more intimate ways...

I mean not like that --getcha mind out the gutta (hehe)!  

My work is very intentional, personal and vulnerable.  And raw authenticity is SEXY* so I hope my brand of uniquely kinky crazy complements and aligns with what you choose to bring into the space.

Here are the ways* we can collaborate, co-create and co-conspire together:

*Note these are my coaching offerings, check out my other services here.*

1-on-1 Coaching/Spiritual Mentorship

  • Y(our) SEXY* Love Chat - Our first official date.  This is a SEXY* meet & greet session where I'll get the chance to learn more about your sacred needs and desires & you get the chance to see if I'm the dreamy catch you hoped for.  If we align, then boom, we go together! If not, you'll still walk away belly full, indulgently wooed and supremely satisfied with time well spent.  

What you're getting:

  • Minimum 60 min consultation & kiki (clear ya schedule cuz we can go as long as you need to for you to feel properly courted) - I'll ask you a series of deeply introspective questions to outline your specific goals and intentions.  And then we will collaborate on a SEXY* blueprint game plan for you to follow to put you on your right path to getting the results you want, regardless of whether you commit to working with me beyond this session.

Price: $22.22

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

  • RYS (Reclaim Your SEXY!) Custom Coaching Packages - Hit it and quit it, or let's keep it beautifully open with no commitment.  We can F.U.C.K* around whenever you want, for however long you wanna continue.  This is coaching customized your way baaaby (in my Nawlin's drawl).

What you're getting:

  • Choose the package that best meets your time capacity (should we meet monthly, bimonthly or weekly? - the choice is yours) and investment needs

    • 1 off solo session -​ *the hit it and quit it option

    • 3 session package

    • 5 session package 

    • 7 session package 

    • 9-11 session package

  • 2-hour support session(s) custom tailored to accommodate your SEXY Self-Assessment Goals -You wanna journal?  Dance?  Vent?  Create? Curse? A combo of all of the above?  Then let's do it! I will of course provide my counsel but these sessions are yours to do the werk your soul needs most urgently.

  • Accountability Check Ins

  • SEXY* Self-Care Tools & Weekly Soul Werk Assignments 

  • Private Self-Love Community aka "The SEXY* Sanctuary"

    • Exclusive Facebook & Whats Apps Groups for all coaching clients.

  • SEXY* Swag Merch - "Sacred Yoni" journal (+Poetic Apparel crop top for 5+ session packages)

Price: $333.33 (1 off sesh), $555.55 (3 sessions), $777.77 (5 sessions), $1111.11 (7 sessions), $2222.22 (9-11 sessions)

*learn how I define F.U.C.K when you cum werk with me

  • The SEXY* Self-Love Academy - Do it with a group, or do it all solo.  Long as you do as LLCOOL J says and keep doing it and doing it and doing it well, you're bound to have a dope time no matter what.

What you're getting:

  • Weekly 2-hour coaching support sessions for 5 weeks

  • Weekly Accountability Check Ins

  • SEXY* Self-Care Tools & Weekly Soul-Werk Assignments 

  • Lifetime Course Access

  • Private Self-Love Community aka "The SEXY* Sanctuary"

    • Exclusive Facebook & Whats Apps Groups for course attendees.

  • SEXY* Swag Merch - physical gift bag goodies​ (learn more here)

Price: $1111.11

  • S3 (SEXY* SOUL SWAG) **1:1 INTENSIVE**- This is the trinity of lovemaking.  We're ascending to new ecstatic heights and going deep into the soul depths to unleash heaux (ho)listic wonders like erotic joy, peace and wholeness. This is mos def that soul ties sh*t.  GaronTEED (guaranteed) to turn you out!  

What you're getting:

  • 12 weeks 1-on-1 direct coaching support (2-hour weekly sessions)

  • Personalized Support - Choose y(our) perfect meeting time T-Fri (anytime after noon)
    Choose y(our) start date *with 5-7 day advance notice*

  • Weekly SEXY* Self-Care Tools & Weekly Soul-Werk Assignments 

  • 3 SEXY* semester mini modules - 3 weeks each:

    • SEXY* Spirit & Sanctuary (habit building, space & intention setting, creating self-affirmations & cultivating self-trust)

    • SEXY* Survivor-ship & Shadow work (strengthening self-talk, assessing core beliefs, releasing non self-serving stories & self-forgiveness)

    • SEXY* Desires & Dream work (passion pursuits & pussy prayers)

  • 3 SEXY* R&R (Rest & Reflection) weeks in between each semester mini module
    *Personalized Support - Choose to rest solo or reflect together

  • all of the SEXY perks in The SEXY* Self-Love Academy

Price: $5500 

NOTE: 12 weeks (or 4ish months) is one helluva commitment.  But it's a lil longer than the length of a season.  You know how much growth and transformation can come within a season?!
Think of me as that sultry seasonal lover coming to rock your world and magnificently upend your life for a passionate whirlwind affair (Hot grrl summer anyone? Okurrr!)  And it's
our chemistry that keeps the romance burning.  So this is how this works.  You submit your deposit ($500) which guarantees two (2) meet & greet/mini coaching sessions.  In those sessions we will outline your SEXY Assessment goals and your coaching plan for the next 17 weeks.  If the chemistry is right, and it's a mutual F.U.C.K YES, then we shall keep the fire burning and move into y(our) contract coaching agreement with full payment options.  If not, we'll at least have the memories of the momentous time we spent together (*cocky smirk face*) AND you'll have a clearer road-map of self-pleasure to follow.

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves!

**Contact me directly for any and all questions**

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