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CLICK HERE to learn more about SEXY* self love with a free pleasure guide.

The next cohort -- the summer "Age of Pleasure" Seductees -- begins: Friday June 6th.
<<Learn more here>>


I want a stronger sense of confidence with who I am, both inside and out.

Sound familiar?

How about:

  • I want to FINALLY feel SEXY and secure within myself. 

  • I wanna look in the mirror and really LOVE what I see.

  • I wanna get comfortable touching myself.

  • I wanna feel whole.

  • I wanna finally feel accepted for ALL of me.

Have you ever thought anything like that to yourself?

If you are a Black womxn* who struggles with how other people view you, or how you view yourself (lawd if I had a nickel for every powerful, amazingly beautiful sista/sapphic being I knew or met - including myself - who struggled with her sense of self-worth and self-confidence, I could build a structure taller than the Tower of Babylon!!) ---


If you long to feel comfortable within your own skin, to cast off the restrictive chains of shame (yours and everyone else’s projected onto you), LET ME HELP YOU!


There is no one “sexy” ideal.  You don’t have to look a certain way, be a certain size, skin tone or shape to be sexy.  

IDGAF about the superficial beauty standards society suggests we as feminine beings should strive towards and contort ourselves into fitting.  

IDGAF about the instagram influencer trends or the Only Fans hype.


IDGAF about the pervy thirst buckets that think a womxn’s liberated sexuality entitles them unmitigated access. 


SEXY* to ME is when it’s Safe and Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves!  Whether that means feeling empowered to take sexy selfies and posting them for the world to see, or strutting around naked in your sanctuary, bold and comfy af without a blessed soul knowing.

YOUR SEXY* is you finally being in a place where you celebrate yourself more than you second guess.

It’s you IMMEDIATELY finding more things that you like and love about your body rather than immediately harping and cringing against the parts of your physical form that you’d wish to change.

It’s you radically accepting ALL of your evolutions of self.

It’s you knowing that YOU ARE WORTHY of taking up significant space because


It’s you taking compliments as your due because OF COURSE you are compliment worthy.

You don’t have to feign humility to appease the small minded folks surrounding you, because you’ve earned the right to be boastful.  


Don’t you think it’s time you truly elevated your relationship with yourself, the most important person in your life, the only one who you will truly know and be involved with forever and ever amen?

Please allow me the honor to support you in leveling TF up!!! 

Let me show ya a thing or two ;) 

"Jaiye is an incredible community cultivator!"

"She is able to connect to anyone by recognizing their gifts and affirming their contributions to the space.
She is so authentically herself that everyone else is encouraged to show up in their authenticity.

She holds spaces that allow everyone to be heard, seen, valued and respected.  Jaiye also takes complex concepts like trauma and teaches them in an accessible and engaging way moving from theory to practice.
She is a possibility-centered visionary who faces challenges with groundedness and develops values-based solutions. She has touched the lives of so many people through her creativity and divine energy, she truly supports transformative, liberatory healing.

3 Black women with beautiful makeup.jpg

- Amore Alvarenga, restorative justice practitioner & community nurturer

Chinese Wisteria

"I love your energy..."

"I love your energy, it is so multifaceted with its grace, warmth and competence. You are magic and that makes what you do both meaningful and fun."

- former coworker & healing arts facilitator

The next cohort -- the summer "Age of Pleasure" Seductees -- begins: Friday June 6th.
<<Learn more here>>

Join the SEXY* Self-Love Academy

a 5 week healing arts & self-development program

The SEXY Love Investment - IN FULL



  • Extended LIVE Coaching Sessions (+30-60mins weekly)

  • Free Poetic Apparel™ Item (aka SEXY merch)

The SEXY Love Installment Plan

Initial Course Deposit - $222.22


  • 4 installments x $222.22 weekly OR

  • 2 installments x $444.44 biweekly

Wanna a bit more foreplay before you commit to fully getting f*cked (on a spiritually holistic level of course)?
Book Y(our) SEXY Love Chat and let's make sure we're the best fit for one another. 

(If I already got you hot & bothered enough, then cum on in and let's have some SEXY self-love fun **fyi puns are hella SEXY and fun, ya get it hehe**)

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

Jaiye smiles in water, partially covered.jpg

**BONUS: Pay Your Pleasure**

Sooooo, I'm doing something radically different with this SEXY* summer cohort!


The SEXY* Self-Love Academy

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

SEXY* Self-Love is about combining unapologetic self-pleasure, sacred sexuality and the art of creative self-expression to radically improve Black womxn’s* self-confidence & holistic self-care.

I wanna help you cultivate a greater, healthier, more empowering and fun self-love relationship.
...and what's more fun than fucking? (maniacal mischievous cackle)

There are 5 parts to it and 5 weeks to explore each part, however your access to the course is forever (cue the Outkast lyric).

You’ll Learn:

  1. HOW TO (RE)CREATE A NEW, MORE EMBOLDENED SEXY SELF-IDENTITY - I will provide you with unique tools to help you initiate your SEXY SIREN transformation and radically elevate your SOUL SWAG

  2. HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR ROOT CHAKRA CONNECTION - I will teach you my SOUL Second philosophy to help you ground and self-center while building a better sense of self-trust

  3. HOW TO PRACTICE GREATER SELF-EMPATHY, COMPASSION & FORGIVENESS - I will show you my simple #LTIS (Listen To Inner Sis) exercise to foster an even greater sense of self-trust & self-acceptance

  4. HOW TO FEEL MORE COMFORTABLE FREE FLOWING THROUGH YOUR BODY & FREEFLOWING FROM YOUR SOUL - I will provide my fun FUCK IT UP framework to help you reconnect to your body and release physio-emotional tension and unnecessary soul debris 

  5. HOW TO (RE)DISCOVER YOUR PASSIONS & UNAPOLOGETICALLY OWN YOUR SENSOUL-SEXUAL DESIRES - I will share my #WWYD method for better identifying and understanding your internal yearnings

What the fuck does alladat even mean?

Well, allow me to enlighten you further with the SEXY breakdown of what you can expect week to week.

The SEXY* Program Flow

WEEK 1/PART 1: What does it mean to be SEXY*?

Decree yourself to be whoever TF you wanna be! This first part is all about (re)creating a sensual identity and seamlessly merging this new persona with your current self.  You will learn to... 

  • develop a greater sense of ownership & pride after seeing self in a new more emboldened light 

  • be less willing to hide your w.i.l.d sensual self

WEEK 2/PART 2: Secure Your Space - What does your sacred space look like?

Your space is sacred.  The space you occupy as a soul.  The space between your legs that harbors your sacral energy.  And any space you enter, dwell in and reside. 

This part delves into creating and maintaining a sense of holistic (mind, body & soul) security so that you feel safe expressing your sexiness in whatever way(s) feels right for you.

...after all the first part to being S.E.X.Y is keeping it safe.  You will learn to...

  • self-center, self-ground and self-protect your energy and surroundings 

  • affirm your own self-sacredness

  • practice stillness as a means to tune into your intuition

"5 words to describe Jaiye's overall style, presence & personality:

  1. fun

  2. informative

  3. professional

  4. innovative

  5. down-to-Earth"

"Jaiye was an enthusiastic, and engaging facilitator that created a comfortable space to try new things and to process serious topics in a digestible package. I appreciated Jaiye's approach to trauma informed facilitation because it was fun and accessible but still hit major points."

- Dale Novella, entrepreneur, educator & songwriter

WEEK 3/PART 3: Ease into Empathy - How often do you truly see, listen and trust yourself?

Ease ain't easy.  But it can be with practice.  This part is about making it ease-e for you to not only listen to yourself but accept and celebrate what you (re)discover about yourself with empathy, kindness, and grace.  You will learn to...

  • assess & increase your SEXY vibrations

  • exercise greater intuition, discernment & self-trust

  • practice greater self-empathy, self-compassion and self-forgiveness

  • practice greater radical self-acceptance

WEEK 4/PART 4: Xpression is Ecstasy! - FUCK IT UP! sib/sis!

I feel like the title says it all yo.  You will learn to...

  • get better in tune with your feelings (feeling AND expressing them)

  • develop & strengthen your emotional intelligence & resiliency

  • tap into your creative energy

  • better tune into, recognize and honor your natural bodily rhythms

  • unapologetically embrace your inner kink


"You embody the sexiness so deep, even in the littlest of ways.  I love it."

"[You] can sensually see into the depths of soul and bring out all of [the] erotic power."

- Coach Goddex Manny, entrepreneur, trans & enby intimacy coach


Me, I LOVE getting shit.  Receiving gifts is tied with Words of Affirmation as my top Love Language.  And how I prefer to receive love is how I innately give love, so guess what that means...ima gift you sum shit!  Yaaaaay!

Your enrollment in The SEXY* Self-Love Academy includes some pretty cool tangible materials ON TOP of the transformative life experience you're getting, not to mention, entrance into my dope ass, SEXY ass universe (see how confident I am in my ish lol; that's how I want you to be about you and yo ish)!!!

But here are the physical goodies:

  1. A paperback copy of my book, Wild Yoni Flower: A Self-Love Journey

  2. "Sacred Yoni" Journal - a hardcover book to record your SEXY course reflections 

  3. An Empressive Expressions™, Poetic Apparel™ Crop T-shirt 

sexy gifts

Also inside the SEXY* Self-Love Academy

  • Weekly (Live) 2-hr Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Accountability Check Ins

  • SEXY* Self-Care Tools & Weekly Soul-Werk Assignments

  • Lifetime Course Access

  • Private Self-Love Community aka "The SEXY* Sanctuary"

    • Exclusive Facebook & Whats Apps Groups for course attendees.  You can create kinship with other kindred kinksters (alitteration is SEXY)​

The SEXY Love Investment - IN FULL



  • Extended LIVE Coaching Sessions (+30-60mins weekly)

  • Free Poetic Apparel™ Item (aka SEXY merch)

SEXY Love Installment Plan

Initial Course Deposit - $222.22


  • 4 installments x $222.22 weekly OR

  • 2 installments x $444.44 biweekly

Limited scholarship options also available.  Contact me directly to learn more.

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

I employ and accept the terms, girl(s) and woma(e)n to be expansive and inclusive of a myriad of identities.  I will however use "womxn" rather than woman or women to provide greater visibility and inclusiveness for non cis-identified individuals.

I cater to and advocate for any person that identifies with Black womxnhood, girlhood and femininity, whether cis-, trans-, non-binary or gender nonconforming.  

I believe that everyone has a right to exist in a way that is affirming, empowering and healing for them, plus inclusiveness is SEXY AF!

*womxn note
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