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free-ass muthafucker, Janelle Monáe, seductively beckons AND unapologetically revels in 'The Age of Pleasure' with their new lead single, "Lipstick Lover."


Yo that video hyped me TF up! 
And then all the subsequent "backlash" and faux outrage from the podcast pimpless hotep-steppers and the infinitely other sad, scary (and prolly lonely - aww woo woo woo) internet souls, spewing unsanitary
(and unnecessary) misogyny & misogynoir made me giggle in derisive irony.
Black feminine folks really can't win outchea when it comes to sexual autonomy
in this oversexed up yet repressed ass society! 

Janelle has ALWAYS been SEXY AF (in least in my eyes). 
When they first came out, there was a lot of criticism with her then fashion choice to rock mostly suits.
It wasn't considered feminine enough. 
And though her songs have always had a provocative, unconventional edge to them, because she wasn't "overtly" expressing her sexuality (at least according to the naysayers' standards), a lot of people dismissed it and took their sexual autonomy for granted.
Over the last few years, Janelle's been more radically open and raw with their sexual expressions.
But NOW, that the apparent sleepwalkers are finally seeing that not only is their phine ass PHINE, but the fact that they're fully celebratory of themselves, their bodies (them tiddies was tiddying okayyy!), their queerness, etc, etc. issa problem.


That's why this "Age of Pleasure" joint is so radically powerful and important!
And it's just the kind of vibe I'm on.
I could give a solitary fu-ck about who cares/is uncomfortable with/
offended or threatened by whatever makes me feel good
If it's not actively harming myself or anyone else, then I don't GAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did you peep them smiles, the ecstatic dancing, the playful camaraderie, the consensual seductions,
and all that gloriously beloved, melanated coco-cue-Ari Lennox-Shea Butter Baby-popping,
sun-kissed skin, so fantabulously FREE in that "Lipstick Lover's" video?!?!
Like bihhh I WANT THAT yo!



So I got fired up and decided to do something similarly radical!
I just wanna play.
And I wanna create safe, spacious, fun, kinky, soft containers where other free-ass mutherfuckers like Janelle Monáe, myself
and/or aspiring free-ass muthafuckers can commune, fellowship and kiki and learn and grow and heal and PLAY abundantly in all the orgasmically yummy, joyously pleasure-filled ways we know and learn to cultivate. 
Let's play our way into more power.
More sovereignty, prosperity, ease, access, wisdom, clarity.
Morey more of the mostest, moriest moren
ess we can muster!!!
If this sounds like the type of vibe you're both on and in need of, then let's quit tiptoeing
at the edge of the kiddie side of the pool of your sensual magic
boldly dive into the deep dopeness of your SEXY AF divine essence!

Are you ready to explore & experience more SEXY* pleasure?

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

long shot of arms above head.jpg
Lying in sand - waist beads.jpg

My name is Jaiye Empress, the uniquely self-proclaimed: "Sensual Soul Seer"

 ...and I'm on a mission to facilitate the unabashed, unashamed, UNAPOLOGETIC embodiment of SEXY* ass self-confidence in a million Black womxn (femmes and non-binary beings) around the globe!

Could YOU be a part of that Milli?

I'm looking 👀 for 6 (or 9) "Lipstick Lover"

SEDUCTEES (or SEXY* Inductees) to join this year's Summer Cohort (Fri Jun 9th - Fri July 7th) of The SEXY* Self-Love Academy to learn how to:

  • unmask your authentic self with greater comfort & confidence

  • become more radically & heaux(ho)listically (mind, body & spirit) whole within

  • have uninhibited fun aka FUCK IT UP! for greater abundance!

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

What it is...

The SEXY* Self-Love Academy is a 5-week online healing arts & coaching program for self-development that includes:

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves


Inside the SEXY* Self-Love Academy you can expect to find/receive:

  • Sanctuary

  • Softness

  • Self advocacy

  • Self sovereignty

  • Spiritual attunement

  • Self-security 

  • Sensuality

  • Sacredness

  • Swaggaliciousness 


Who you be &
Why this is the program for you...

If you fall into any of the following categories,
Welcome home sis/sib, I've been waiting for you...

  • The Spiritual Zealot - You're committed to self-study, self-help, self-improvement, any & everything that will aid you in leveling TF up.  You wanna be in a space that supports your self-elevation intentions, surrounded by other beings that are on the same tip.

  • The Introverted Loner - You're the life of the your own head.  You're tired of being alone & want to socialize...buuut only with the right people aka your Soul Tribe - where TF they be at tho?! (Cuz you ain't going outside!)
    The Voyeuristic Vixen - You've been playing onlooker/lurker to every lil freakydeeky, kinky thing you find and you secretly want to get in the erotic game and flex a bit (whether that's writing &/performing nasty sh*t or doing something more bold)...buuut you need to feel fully comfortable and at home first before unleashing the beast.  Folks mistake you for a prude -- they don't know jack diddly!  You just haven't found the place (nor the people) yet that you feel are worthy of revealing your more risque sides...

  • The Insecure Overachiever - You're dope phi dope but suffer from imposter syndrome. You're hella smart, talented and passionate, but because you're still unsure of yourself, you don’t quite FEEL successful and tend to engage in self-sabotage.  You also get hella lonely, and don’t like being alone (even though you adore your own company), but you don’t quite know how to connect with the kind of people you admire, cuz you're hella awkward and introverted at times.

  • The Suppressed Siren - You dominate in every other area of your life…except love.  You kind of feel like you're entering your RiRi "Good Girl Gone Bad" phase witcha new sexual appetite and curiosities that simultaneously excite and intimidate you.  You want to break loose and try something new and unconventional but you're afraid to do so by yourself, and you also don't wanna look stupid.


It's not my intention to read you for filth, I promise.

I want you to understand I SEE YOU because I've been you in various stages of my life. 

*And in some ways some of those identities are still present within me.*

<< Read about my personal sojourn into this SEXY* Soul Werk here >>

The GARONTEED Outcomes & Transformations...

My word is my bond and I stand heavy on that shit!

After these five weeks are done, this is what you're guaranteed to see for yourself: 

  • Personal badassery  -

    • You'll have a greater willingness to delve deeper into your own self shadows

    • You'll learn how to (better) sit with intense and uncomfortable feelings 

    • You'll learn how to (better) express/articulate your internal thoughts + feelings (even when they/you are uncomfortable)

  • Personal pride + growth -

    • You'll learn to cultivate a sense of accomplishment no matter how “little” werk was “achieved” - cuz showing up IS the werk & reward 

    • You'll learn to (better) stretch your self-capacity to accommodate and apply new knowledge 

  • Radical self-transformation aka your powerful REBIRTH -​

    • You'll learn to develop a deeper self-understanding + increased self-trust

    • You'll learn to rediscover + reconnect to uninhibited pleasure, desire and fun, i.e. create more FREEDOM inna yuh current world and life essence ​

    • You'll learn to cultivate a more radically enriching and expansive wholeness - i.e. practicing a deeper/more in depth spirituality, developing a stronger emotional intelligence + greatly increasing your comfort and confidence in your physical body

Many of these results will NOT be instantaneous, though you WILL begin to feel the immediate positive impact of the many SHIFTS your rebirth unlocked. 

Most of these results will occur long after your participation in the program has ceased, and I know the ripple effect will extend even beyond what you or I envision.


Ready to become a



SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

5 week healing arts & self-development program

The SEXY Love Investment - IN FULL



  • Extended LIVE Coaching Sessions (+30-60mins weekly)

  • Free Poetic Apparel™ Item (aka SEXY merch)

The SEXY Love Installment Plan

Initial Course Deposit - $222.22


  • 4 installments x $222.22 weekly OR

  • 2 installments x $444.44 biweekly

Wanna a bit more foreplay before you commit to fully getting f*cked (on a spiritually holistic level of course)?
Book Y(our) SEXY Love Chat with me and let's make sure this space is the best fit for you and your life right now. 

(If I already got you hot & bothered enough, then cum on in and let's have some SEXY* self-love fun **fyi puns are hella SEXY and fun, ya get it hehe**)

SEXY* to me is when it's Safe & Ease-E to Xpress Y(our)selves

Jaiye smiles in water, partially covered.jpg

Sooooo, I'm doing something radically different with this cohort.

The course investment still stands as what is above AND I'm implementing a Pay Your Pleasure feature - you invest the amount (minimum of $111.11) that feels the most empowering and pleasurable to you!

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