Wild & Sexy Self-Love Series

A 5 week Healing Arts Program Series designed to inspire increased holistic self-care

for Black womxn struggling with confidence and positive self-esteem. 

You can be unpologetically WILD & SEXY!

How great would it be to embody an empowered F.U.C.K I.T. essence?

How phenomenal would it be for you to learn how to F.U.C.K without shame?!

How long have you been suppressing parts of yourself because somewhere, someone (or several someones) told you that you're "too much?"

Do you fantasize about a freedom that allows you to say and do things other folks may find taboo but feel absolutely natural to you?

Do you struggle with showing up confidently on a consistent basis because you're often the healer AND the helper to everyone else, leaving little to less TLC time for you?

If any of this resonates with you, then let's begin the process of reconnecting with your divine feminine-freak self to reclaim your inner and outer sexy, tranforming you into a wild and sexy self-love WARRIOR!


My overall aim (and your mantra) in this program is to help you learn how to F.U.C.K. I.T!



Creative &



In (your)


This program series is for you if:

  • you're a passionate sexual being struggling with accepting/expressing your sexuality

  • you use or enjoy experiencing art but you struggle with authentically exercising or showcasing your true artist voice

  • you're a shy extroverted introvert struggling between acting aloud on your desires and feeling ashamed for what you desire

  • you struggle with finding a community of kindred creative spirits

I'd love to help you turn those struggles into sexy self-love tranformations!

By the end of this 5 week self-love series you will learn how to unapologetically:

Reclaim your wildness What are the parts of you that can't be tamed? 

  • You will positively identify and define what makes you wild in order to develop a greater comfort and confidence owning ALL parts of yourself. 

Tap into your creative powerGive your imagination free rein to play! 

  • You will learn how to connect to and exercise your imaginative powers in order to actively engage in and express self-pleasure without guilt. 

Have fun being sexy! What turns you on holistically?

  • You will learn new practices, ideas and ways of being that will encourage you to Feel Unapologetically Creative & Kinky In (your) Temple, on a more routine basis! 

Here's what you can expect when you join my Wild & Sexy Self-Love Series:

Weekly affirmations + Sexy soul assignments

Weekly LIVE group calls

Access to the Empressive Sanctuary -

(a community of intentional sistren working on becoming our sexiest selves)

Access to specially curated self-care tools & soul-work resources

Every week, you will receive a worksheet delivered directly to your inbox that includes your wild & sexy affirmation, video + audio content, and sexy soul assignments. The assignments serve as your special homework (or soul-work), to immediately begin the process of radically improving your relationship to yourself.


At the end of each week, you are invited to join the LIVE group calls, an interactive safe space where you will receive my direct support processing and applying the content of the course to your life, while also receiving the opportuntity to connect with your cohort members.

You can also expect to be creatively and spiritually challenged (we grow through discomfort right?), holistically celebrated and affirmed. 

My job is to provide you with my soul wisdom in order to assist you with getting in touch with your own soul-truths.

But be wary, much of this work is deeply introspective and intense (while also being fun and sexy). 

You WILL need to create intentional space and devote intentional time to learning, practicing and applying these techniques DAILY.  


Course Program Flow:

4 Themes in 5 weeks 

  • (Week 1) Intro: What Does it Mean to Be Wild?

  • (Weeks 2-3) Rediscovering & Reactivating Your Wildness!

  • (Week 4) Unapologetically Owning Your Wildness!

  • (Week 5) Don’tcha love to F.U.C.K?!

Jaiye smiles in water, partially covered.jpg

Part I (Week 1): What Does It Mean to be Wild?

  • You will learn how to positively define your wildness and identify what makes you sexy

  • You will begin to embody a new self-created sexy persona to radically increase your comfort in embracing your wild side

Part II (Week 2-3): Rediscovering & Reactivating Your Wildness!

  • You will further learn about your wildness by beginning a practice of deep self-listening 

  • You will begin to cultivate your own unique wild style

  • You will begin to adopt and implement healthy self-talk habits 

  • You will learn how to positively identify and embrace what turns you on

Part III (Week 4): Unapologetically Owning Your Wildness!

  • You will learn how to better tune into your physical body 

  • You will learn how to unapologetically accept and appreciate your body as she is (in all of her sacred sexiness!)

  • You will begin to cultivate a sexier body confidence 

Part IV (Week 5): Don'tcha love to F.U.C.K?!

  • You will learn how to take complete ownership of your own self-pleasure

  • You will assess and celebrate your newly improved sexy! - in what ways are you wilder and in what ways do you feel sexier since joining this program series?